Free Money Transfer Apps

From the barter system of past, where people exchanged goods for goods, to the new age online payment services, currency transactions have developed a lot. Now, with a single click on your smartphone, you can send money to any person or merchant. For this magic to happen on your smartphone, various free money transfer apps are out there, most of which are free!

free money transfer apps


So, what are the best, which app works where and what’s the distinctive feature of these apps ? The list has two categories – Worldwide (which contains apps helpful in international transactions or available in Foreign countries) and India specific. Take a look at the list below and according to your needs, decide for yourself.

Free Money Transfer Apps Worldwide

free money transfer apps


Owned by PayPal, it is currently the best app to transfer money worldwide to any person with a limit of $ 10,000 per week. It started into money transfer business right from 2001. Xoom competes directly with money transaction giants like Western Union and MoneyGram. Xoom has spread rapidly across globe and allows its users to transfer money in more than 51 countries which include countries like Italy, Germany, France, India, Canada, The United Kingdom, Mexico, Argentina, Australia, the Philippines, Poland, Spain, Peru, Chile and Brazil. In 2013 alone, Xoom transferred more than $ 5.5 billion from its 1 million+ active user base which is staggering.

Using Xoom is quite easy than other apps. To transfer money to your friends and family across globe, follow these steps on and then proceed to Xoom mobile app :

  1. Create your free account on either or Xoom mobile app.
  2. Enter your details correctly and add a card or bank account details.
  3. Login to Xoom profile.
  4. Load amount to be transferred.
  5. Choose your contact or enter the receivers account details.
  6. Calculate transaction fee which is quite low than WU or MG.
  7. Calculate Exchange rate.
  8. Slide on the Xoom slider to complete transaction.

Xoom delivers the best transaction app options at a cheap price. It also updates you with your transaction status and you can send money 24/7 worldwide. In India itself it supports major banks like PNB, HDFC, YES Bank, Axis Bank etc. It also has a cash pickup option in many countries like Philippines, Vietnam, etc. XOOM also informs you with when the best exchange rate is available based upon your transaction history and current market. It guarantees to security of your all informations be it personal or financial. Just check their currency calculator, select your family’s account and Xoom it!

Google Pay

Google has been in the race or Best Money transfer app race since the launch of Android pay, but it seems that finally Google can win it with Google Pay. Available around the globe with countries like Australia, UK, USA, Brazil, Russia, Poland, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Japan, Ireland, Hong Kong, etc, it’s truly an awesome app which allows users to transfer money and also has Google wallet facilities along with merchant payments. With a limit of $10,000, Google Pay is one hell of a competitor. It allows both peer-to-peer money transactions as well as International transactions.

Setting up Google Pay is easy.

  1. Just download the app and login with your gmail ID.
  2. Now add a credit card or debit card.
  3. If you had used a card earlier on Chrome or Android pay, then G Pay will automatically add that card.
  4. Verify your card by SMS or email verification.
  5. Now, just unlock your phone and use Google pay anywhere anytime.

Google Pay uses NFC for in-store purchases. It is accepted at most stores. For payment, just unlock your phone and hold your phone against the terminal which has a G Pay or contactless payment sign. Google pay will automatically complete your payment. Google pay incorporates Device lock screen password for unlocking its app. In case your phone has fingerprint scanner, it can be used for payment also!

On online stores, just select “Buy with G Pay” and proceed. Isn’t it easy? It is!  Even your card number is tokenized. TSPs and Google Pay are responsible for tokenization of card number which protects sensitive customer information from merchants.Expected to launch globally soon, GPay is worth a shot.


First and most successful of all of them is PayPal. Easily send your money worldwide as PayPal is available in 200+ countries or to merchants, as nearly every merchant or store payment system accepts PayPal! It has everything. Also, NFC support along with person to person payments, make it a jack of all trades.

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Transfer Wise

It has been a leading transaction brand in Europe and from 2017, in Asia. Offers peer-to-peer money transfer, over 800+ routes across the globe. It is cheaper and faster than other platforms in the region. It is also compatible with Apple Pay!

World Remit

For international transactions, World Remit is another big name. Its mobile app allows you to send money from 50 countries to 100+ destinations around the world. With a simple app and faster transactions, World Remit is a trusted name. Its reviews have been great and fees are low too!


Based in the USA, Venmo is owned by PayPal. Venmo is a peer-to-peer free money transfer app and wallet facilities which are the best available in the US. Venmo is also integrated with Facebook, in case you want to post your money transactions!


WorldFirst is similar to WorldRemit but quicker. Its limit is £1000+, which is good. WorldFirst provides services with a low fee and also updates you with international market position, to make the best transaction. Just use their currency conversion and pay by entering bank details!


Launched by Alibaba group, it has developed from China specific to worldwide for money transfer. Supports peer-to-peer money transfer, wallet and merchant payments. With pretty low international transaction fee and no fee for national transactions, Alipay is one of the leading apps for money transfer.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook launched free Money transaction services in 2015 through their messenger. It is a very convenient way, just add a debit card and account details and then you can receive or send money from messenger itself. It’s easy and it’s fun. Currently working in USA, UK and beta testing in Asia, it’s going to be available worldwide!

Apple Pay Cash

If, your country and your iPhone supports Apple Pay, then with iOS 11.2, Apple Pay Cash can be used by you with Apple Pay. With Apple Pay Cash, Apple takes on Venmo directly. But, Apple Pay Cash is incorporated in the iMessage app and with a message or Siri voice command, one can do transactions easily!

Square Cash

Square Cash started in the USA, as a Venmo rival, but now it has extended its reach to Canada and Japan. Fast peer-to-peer money transfer and wallet facilities but no social link makes it a lite money transaction app. The best thing about square cash is that it doesn’t charges a dime for money transfers unless you use its business version. With new integration with Snapchat, you can access square cash through Snapchat too. Too useful and quick!

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is the PayPal of Samsung, at least, an attempt. Currently, for money transfer in India, it supports UPI mode and in other countries just by entering bank details.  It is secured, convenient and easy-to-use app. With latest moto to reach every android phone, its lite version or Samsung Pay mini has been launched with same properties.

WeChat payment

WeChat, the social messaging app, launched its payment facility in its app itself. Based in China, WeChat payment is pretty easy to use and most popular in China. Just link a card or bank account information to let the WeChat messenger make your payments. It is easier to pay through WeChat at small local stores, vendors and pay bills for online goods purchase, transfer money to other user, etc. Currently, Wechat has a 600 million user base!


Zelle is another US based digital payment network. It is preferred by banks such as Bank of America, BB&T, PNC Bank, US Bank, Capital one, JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo. One can easily send and receive money from one of the banks listed above to other, but the weekly limit is $ 300. It has been reviewed as the best app for bank Integration!


It is one of the free money transfer apps, made for corporate people. It can send money to anything with phone number, Dwolla id, or an email address. It is free for local transfers and bill payments.

By paying 250$ a month, you can access all its business services. E.g. You can send money to 1000 person at a time using its MassPay option.

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Free Money Transfer Apps For India 



Best and most successful app in India. Through paytm, with newly incorporated UPI feature, one can send and receive money directly from one back to another bank account or in paytm wallet. Apart from this, you can use paytm for movie tickets, bill payments, food,etc. You can book Flight tickets, IRCTC train tickets, Bus tickets and can recharge your metro card too. There are newer options such as Digital gold, Insurance, paytm payment bank etc. With the integration of paytm mall, you get cashback on nearly each purchase. Just don’t forget to link your Aadhar!

Google Tez


Launched last year’s September, Tez has been an excellent way to transfer money from sender’s account to receiver’s account through UPI. Google Tez has recently added payment options such as FreshMenu Payment, cashbacks on bill payments, rent payments, DTH recharges, also Reliance Electricity bill payments and on shopping with MI store! Tez is India exclusive, and it supports all Indian banks and transfers are fast!


phone pe

Phonepe, launched in 2015 is another great app for India specific. Its collaboration with YES bank allows UPI payments and a lot more services such as mobile wallet, bill payments, mobile and DTH recharges, etc. There are cashback offers on transactions, e-recharges and bill payments too. With collaboration with CCD,, flipkart, cleartrip, Jabong, KFC, McDonald’s, Levi’s etc, it can be directly used while using these merchants. Surely a competition to PayTM!


Bhim app

Launched by NPCI, it is a very neat app for UPI based payments. It also generates QR code ID for transactions. You can also send someone money by entering bank account details. Probably the simplest app for UPI transactions! Recently many apps have started using the base of BHIM UPI for their payments.


sbi buddy

SBI buddy is one of the most successful free money transfer apps developed by any bank in India. Launched in 2016, it is a mobile wallet app, and can be used to pay bills and to do easy recharge too. Peer to peer money transfer is possible in this app. SBI buddy allows you to send the unused money back to your bank account without any tax, a feature not found in most apps!



MobiKwik started as an option for easy mobile recharging through website. And now, MobiKwik has developed as a wallet cum money transfer app from 2012. It has partnered with Uber, GoDaddy, Myntra, etc. It offers bill payment, Phone and DTH recharges, Hotel booking option, Bus ticket booking option and it can also be used in more than 2,50,000 local shopping stores. It provides you with cashbacks too!


Mobile payment apps are going to be the leader in making the society, Cashless. Each of the app, listed above is best in one way or other. Choose preferences and for the preferences, choose the app. Still, from our side in India, Paytm and Google Tez are best. And for the international transactions, Xoom, PayPal, Google Pay and TransferWise are best choices!