App To Transfer Money From Different Banks

In India, while moving to a new city or locality which lacks branch of your bank, or sending someone money whose Bank isn’t the same as yours, it is quite a tension to choose the right way. One way is physical deposition of money in the respective Bank’s branch which is time-consuming. The other is using an app which allows transferring money between different banks. So what are those apps? Check the list below to find out the list of Apps To Transfer Money From Different Banks :

Google Tez

An app exclusively launched by Google for India. Its simplicity in UI and awesome performance will amaze you. Just download the app, add your bank details and choose the person to send money. At the back end, it supports UPI platform by Government. It doesn’t matter which bank account the receiver has, the transaction will be completed!


This app was Government of India’s initiative towards Digital India. Unified Payment Interface backed by Government provides a system where you can transfer money digitally from one bank account to another with just a few clicks. All you need is a phone number and a UPI unique pin. Link your bank account, and BHIM will provide you three ways to send and receive money: QR code, VPA or just mobile number.


PayTm is India’s PayPal. It literally has all modes of mobile payment facilities. With the latest integration of UPI, you can now use it to do transactions between different banks. PayTm allows you to send money from your wallet to a bank account too, though that asks for a small fee. It’s an easy interface which shows what you need right in front. A perfect all-rounder app in the mobile payments world.

PhonePe App

Much like PayTm, PhonePe too allows its users to transfer money from one Bank to another. You can also use UPI! In partnership with YES bank, PhonePe provides easy transaction facilities. Just input the sender’s bank details and receiver’s bank details. And enter the amount. It’s fine. Also, PhonePe provides bill payments, request option, insurance and also Google play-store payments.

State Bank Anywhere Personal

The largest bank in India, SBI has a huge user base. This app, State Bank Anywhere recently hit 10 million downloads! Anywhere provides you with options such as Fund transfer, e-Deposits, Quick transfer, Bill payment, easy recharge etc. Want to send money to another bank account? You have three option – NEFT, a faster option IMPS and the new addition UPI. To use anywhere, you should have transaction rights, so get those rights from an SBI’s branch and then you can use SBI anywhere!

HDFC Bank MobileBanking

HDFC is one of India’s largest bank and its mobile app is one of the best out there. You can transfer money using the common methods such as IMPS and NEFT to any other bank account. It also offers bill payments and credit card payment.

Other apps

Apart from the above list, you can use your Bank’s official app to transfer money. Axis Pay, PNB mobile banking, ICICI i-mobile, M-connect by Bank of Baroda, Kotak’s m-banking app, etc are few of the most common apps. They offer IMPS, RTGS, NEFT and the latest UPI facilities.